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March 15, 2021

Cloth Card Upgrades!

Before anything, READ THIS!


We are using blenderizer to upgrade cards, you can read more about it here

How to Upgrade Cards!

Send your 10 cloth cards of the same character to blenderizerx with the memo (each character will have it’s own memo), the list of memos can be found at the bottom of this page.

This upgrade will do live on 15th March 2021 at 4pm GMT. Recipes will go live one at a time and be announced on our Telegram group if you want to race for low mints be sure to be ready and waiting on Telegram.

Below is an example of how you will upgrade the Racing Rick card.

You can send cards using this link

After sending your cards you will receive a bern ’em all cloth variant of Racing Rick as shown below, these cards have a max supply of 25 per character.

List of memos for each character:

IMPORTANT! Only use the numbers in BOLD as the memo!
Zombie Cubert – 71993
Zombie Cloe – 71996
Parachuting Patrick – 71999
Racing Rick – 72001
Dangerous Diwane – 72004
Judicious Johan – 72006
Talented Tash – 72009
Flexible Fahad – 72010
Natural Neha – 72012
Keen Kasey – 72013
Knightly Kiehan – 72014
Cheesy Chester – 72015
Joyful Joshua – 72016
Suntanning Susan – 72017
Fancy Fay – 72018
Amazed Amber – 72020
Active Asad – 72021
Rebellious Rocky – 72022
Jinxed Johnny – 72023
Music Matty – 72024
Awesome Aimee – 72025
Electric Etienne – 72029

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